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Ready to revv up your benefits for your workforce? SalaryCredits has you covered with our ready-to-use backend integration with most HRMS & Payroll systems. All you need is a one time authorization and our APIs and integration capabilities will ensure a seamless experience for your employees & HR. Plus, if you don't see your HRMS in our list, just let us know!


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What is Earned Wage Access?

EWA, or earned wage access, is a financial wellness benefit that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before payday. This money will be repaid with a deduction from the next month's salary of the employee. This program is usually backed by a partnering financial institution/ service provider to integrate directly with the HRMS of the organization ensuring that employers do not have to worry about burdening their own books or costs. With SalaryCredits Employees can access up to 80% of their earned salary on demand.

Why would an Employer offer Earned Wage Access?

There are several ways in which EWA can be beneficial for employers, including

  • Improves Employee Financial Wellness: EWA can provide employees with a financial safety net, reducing their need to go into debt or take out high-interest loans. This can lead to less financial stress among employees, increasing productivity and improving overall job satisfaction.

  • Decreases Employee Turnover: By offering EWA, employees are more likely to stick with their job as they feel more secure financially. This can especially be beneficial for hourly and low-wage employees who may struggle to make ends meet between paychecks.

  • Reduces Employer Financial Liability: EWA services generally carry little to no risk for employers, as the service providers assume the liability in the event that an employee is unable to repay the advance. This can be an attractive benefit for employers looking to support their workforce without taking on additional financial risk.

  • Enhances Employer Reputation: Offering an innovative and practical benefit such as EWA can help to differentiate an employer as one that is invested in its employees' well-being. This can help to attract top talent and enhance an employer's overall reputation.

Overall, there are numerous benefits to offering EWA to employees, including improved financial well-being, increased employee satisfaction, and reduced financial risk for employers.

What are your charges?

For EWA there is no interest to be paid however for a win-win model, a minimal slab-wise flat convenience fee is charged from the benefitting employee.

  • Special discounts on occasions

  • EWA is offered at Zero Interest & a minimal Flat convenience fee

  • Other Advances interest charges & eligibility criteria will apply

What is the usage rate among Employees?

For organizations that adopt Earned Wage Access, typical minimum baseline usage would range from 10-15% of all employees. For certain sectors like Hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, the adoption rate could be as high as 40%.

How is this Salary advance or EWA different from Personal loans or credit card loans available in the market?

A typical personal loan would bring a number of usually hidden disadvantages with it, leading to an increased financial stress to your employee. The following comparison table highlights just a few apparent differences:

SalaryCredits Vs. Other finance options available to an Employee

EWA & Salary Advances Personal Loans / Credit Card loans / Payday Loans
Interest rates Zero interest for EWA & as low as 12% PA for Custom advances High to very high
Fee Flat & Minimal High
Processing Time ~ 35 mins. Upto 14 days
Process & Documentation Seamless & zero paperwork Stressful & cumbersome
Credit Check/ History/ Score Not Required A must
Financial Discipline Built-in with deduction at source model Not any
Minimum Salary Not Any Required
How many times the employee can avail EWA in a day/ month?

There is no limit to the number of times the employee can avail EWA in a day/ month as long as the limit is within available Earned wage bounds as mentioned in the description.

Is there any subscription/ setup fee involved for the employers?

No. It is absolutely free for employers.

Is there any liability to the organization if an employee leaves in the middle of a repayment tenure?

There is No Liability for the employer.

How will the integration happen?

All the employee data is directly synced automatically from HRMS’s system once you authorize the integration. You won’t have to worry about employee details updation, new employee onboarding, or even the left employees. All is taken care of by a secured integration between SalaryCredits & HRMS in the background.

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