How SalaryCredits Works

Individuals in any occupation or income bracket can be at risk of slipping into
poor financial health. Partner with SalaryCredits to ensure your employees’
financial well-being.

What is SalaryCredits

SalaryCredits is an online platform that enables your employees to get access to hassle free finance.

Key Features

SalaryCredits provides 24x7 access with flexibility in choosing loan amount and tenure. There is no running behind financial institution/representatives as the entire process from application to disbursement is online. Loans are usually disbursed in 24 hours with the best rate of interest.

How it Works?

An employee would need to log on to SalaryCredits site with an ID & Password. After filling up the information and uploading 3 documents, the loan is usually disbursed in 24 hours.

Zero Cost
Zero Liability
for Employer

SalaryCredits is devoid of any fee. All that an employer needs to do is deduct the EMI from salary of employee on a fixed date & deposit it to Financial Institute Account. A legal agreement protects Employer from any liability.